Sunday, March 6, 2011

Missa Cantata on Quinquagesima Sunday

It has been two years since our last Missa Cantata (Sung or High Mass) but the Lord allowed us to celebrate one for Quinquagesima Sunday.  The choir was able to practice with only a month's notice and they did wonderfully.  A Missa Cantata involves a Master of Ceremonies and more responsibilities for the servers (as candle bearers, crucifer and thurifer) with more complicated actions at Mass, and they too did a fine job.  Deo gratias!  The Lord deserves no less than our best efforts in rendering Him worship and honor.

The Candle Bearers and Crucifer begin the Entrance Procession.

The Asperges

On Sundays, the sprinkling of the people with holy water can be done.  It is called the Asperges and it represents the purification of the congregation before the start of Mass.

A Missa Cantata involves the incensing of the altar at the beginning of Mass; the incensing of the Missal just before the Gospel is sung; and the incensing of the gifts (the host and the wine) at the offertory.  The priest and the people are also incensed.  This incensation expresses the sanctification of the objects incensed and also our desire that our prayers rise to heaven as the smoke of the burning incense rises.  Just as the incense is sacrificed and consumed by the burning charcoal, we sacrifice ourselves, in union with the sacrifice of Jesus to the Father at Mass.

The Thurifer incenses the congregation.

Father is incensed by the Master of Ceremonies.

Father incenses the Altar at the beginning of Mass.

The Chapel was filled to capacity for the Missa Cantata.

The Choir sang Missa XI Orbis Factor.

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