Sunday, December 25, 2011


Before Midnight Mass began, Father chanted the proclamation of the Birth of Jesus.  This tradition takes a passage from the Roman Martyrologium, which briefly tells the story of the martyrs, saints and feasts for each day on the religious calendar.  For December 25, the Martyrologium recounts how many years since the creation of the world, the flood in Noah's time, the birth of Abraham, and so on, Christ was finally born.

Mass begins with Father carrying the Infant Jesus (Niño) to the belen (Nativity Scene or creche).  The schola sings "Ecce Nomen Domini Emmanuel."  Hail, the Lord's name is Emmanuel!

The Kyrie, Sanctus and Agnus Dei for Midnight Mass were taken from the Misa Pastorela.  It was taught to the Chamorros in Saipan by Spanish missionaries and is sung just for Christmas.

As is the custom on Guam, Masses all throughout the Christmas season end with the veneration of the Niño (Infant Jesus).


The Sermon

The Consecration

The Last Gospel

(Photos and Video courtesy of Bryan Quinata)

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