Thursday, March 15, 2012


A traditional Latin Mass community in Mangaldan, Pangasinan (Philippines) invited Pale' Eric to give some conferences and celebrate Mass in the Extraordinary Form with them.  Pale' Eric left Manila at 7AM to get to Mangaldan by 1130AM.  After lunch at a family home, Pale' Eric began giving the conference on the Extraordinary Form at 130PM at a municipal hall (though government-owned, it had a crucifix and picture of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary!).  The town mayor was there to give welcoming remarks.

Banner publicizing the event

Among those attending the conferences were parish catechists, barangay (neighborhood) leaders and faithful who do not normally attend the Extraordinary Form.  Among the topics covered were the Sacrifice of the Mass, the basic structure of the liturgy, Ad Orientem, the use of Latin as the liturgical language and the Motu Proprio of Pope Benedict XVI.  There was not enough time to cover more material, but the travel time is so long that it was the best we could do.

Holy Mass then commenced in the parish church at 3:30PM.  The church, which is huge, was 75% full.  The parish priest, who does not offer the Extraordinary Form, was still very friendly and welcoming, telling me he "cannot deny the request" of the faithful for the Extraordinary Form.  This is a priest who knows what the Holy Father is asking from the universal Church in his Motu Proprio!

Just before the Consecration

The reverent and devout communion of the faithful

Most of those attending Mass are not regular devotees of the traditional Mass, but they all knelt for communion.  The women who did not have veils borrowed veils from the women who did.  As soon as the woman with a veil received communion, the next lady put that veil on her head.

At the request of the people, Pale' Eric said prayers for the sick (pro infirmorum) and blessed the people with holy water at the communion rail.  A gold cope was all they had.  Help is needed to obtain what is needed for all the sacred rites.

God bless the TLM community of Mangaldan!
May Our Lady guide and protect them and win for them many graces.
Ad maiorem Dei gloriam!

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