Monday, May 28, 2012


The blessing of any residence - in this case a condo - is a moment of grace for any family.

At Easter time, which we are still in, there is a specific blessing. 

It doesn't matter if the blessing takes place just when a family moves in, or if the family has lived there already for years.  A blessing is a blessing!

Blessings are not just for protection against evil spirits.  Many times, evil spirits have no special attraction to or connection with any particular place.  The blessing is a way of consecrating this home to the Lord, and to the Holy Family.  In having a home blessed, we are really saying that we want God to be honored in this place, by the way we live our family life.  It is a reminder that our faith is not just for church, but is also for the home.  If our faith is not lived in the home, something is missing from our going to church.

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