Friday, July 6, 2012


We are running low on the Holy Water that was blessed a while back. So I will be blessing a new container before Mass this Sunday. You may want to take advantage of this and bring your own water in clean and appropriate containers (no product labels, for example). You may want to write your name with a marker or make some other sign, if possible, on your container in case someone brings an identical or similar container. Bring them FILLED with water and I will bless them along with the big one we keep in the sacristy. It makes no sense for you to bring an empty one and fill it with the water I am blessing to replenish our sacristy supply! : )

BIG FAVOR!  Not all in our community use the internet.  If you know their house phone numbers, please give them a call and alert them to this notice in case they'd like to bring their own containers this Sunday.  Thanks!

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