Friday, April 5, 2013


After we have heard God's Word teaching us what to believe, and after we have told God that we believe, when we say the Credo, we now begin the Holy Sacrifice and Sacred Meal which Jesus commanded us to do "in memory of Him."

Just as Jesus offered bread and wine at the Last Supper, the priest, who is Jesus for us in the Mass, offers the bread and wine.  These will become the true Body and true Blood of Jesus.

Our Lord offered His Body and poured out His Blood on the Cross for our salvation.  We, too, offer Jesus our body and soul, our mind, our will, our love.  We offer Him all our sacrifices.  This is shown in the bread and wine because man makes bread and makes wine.  But we take no credit for this, because man can only do that because God first of all gave us the wheat and gave us the grapes.

We make our offering to God, because everything belongs to Him for they all come from Him.  By making God an offering of our lives, we give Him thanks and give Him the worship and adoration He deserves, through Jesus whose sacrifice was perfect and sinless.

Make sure when you see the priest offer the bread and wine that you tell Jesus you are also offering to God all your life; your good times and bad, your sacrifices, your good deeds, your prayers.  Ask Jesus to wash away your bad deeds and sins by the blood of His sacrifice.  Jesus will make you a holy sacrifice, too, if you do all things with Jesus!

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