Friday, June 1, 2012

"I will give them all the graces necessary for their state of life."

Some graces are necessary for our state of life.

The graces I need to become a better priest will differ from the graces you need to become a better spouse, or parent, or single person in the Church.

Even among priests, the necessary graces sometimes differ.  A teaching priest needs some graces that a pastor may not need as much, and vice versa.

Your specific family situation differs from many others.  You need some very specific graces for your state of life.

God's care for His children, giving them the things they need, is called Providence.

There are two kinds of divine providence.  The first is ordinary providence.  Our normal means of obtaining this is prayer and the sacraments.

But there is also extraordinary providence; special favors, special graces.  As they are more precious gems, Our Lord seeks stronger prayer, more intent supplication concerning them.  This is where Devotion to the Sacred Heart comes in. 

Just as a child who seeks a greater favor from a parent appeals to the mother or father's deepest reserves of love for the child, when we are in need of special graces for our state of life, we go to the Heart that beats with perfect love for us; the Heart that was pierced for us; the Heart that drained Itself of every drop of blood and water on the cross.

Nothing pleases God more than to be approached as the most generous, most sacrificing and most powerful God that He is.  If we treat God as stingy; as uncaring; as inattentive to our plight; we do not knock on the doors of His willing Heart.  Therefore, there is a special promise to those who beg of the Sacred Heart, the reservoir of God's infinite supply of graces.  They will obtain those graces necessary for their state of life.

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