Monday, June 11, 2012


"Fervent souls shall speedily rise to great perfection."

Momentum.  It is a word often used in sports or even in political campaigns.  The more one gains speed, the faster one gains it.  In the spiritual life, the great accelerator is divine love.

A wayward man, steeped in vices, reforms in an instant it seems, throwing away all former bad habits.  Why?  He has fallen in love, and the woman he loves, who won't have him along with his vices, is worth the change.

Those devoted to the Sacred Heart find in It a vast ocean of sacrificial love.  The poor human soul, so weak in virtue, stands in awe as it tries to fathom how could Almighty God, so pure and holy, suffer so much, love without limit, such a poor soul.  But, poor though it is, the human soul was created by God with a capacity for love and for holiness.  What it needs is the attraction, the acceleration, the momentum that grace provides.  The Sacred Heart is the source of that grace; it is the grace itself.

In the natural, speed is gained by following the law of gravity downwards.  In the supernatural, speed is gained by following the law of love upwards.  Those who rise, rise higher still, as long as love is the driving force and the goal.  In the spiritual life, Jesus is everything : He is the road, the vehicle and the destination.  We walk in the ways of love; we walk with the power of love that overcomes all difficulties; when the road ends, we have arrived at perfect love.

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