Saturday, May 4, 2013


Next, the priest turns around and says to us, "Pray, brethren" or "Orate, fratres."

"Brethren" means "brothers and sisters."  The priest is speaking to all of us.

He is asking us to pray that the sacrifice he is making, and that we are making with and through the priest, will be acceptable to God the Father.

Are you sending to Jesus, through the priest, your own sacrifices?

The times your parents tell you to do something, and although you would rather play, you obey them?

The times you ask your parents to buy you something you would like, and they cannot buy it, and you understand?

The times your brother or sister may not be nice to you, but you are still nice to them?

Those are all kinds of sacrifices, and God loves them, but especially when you give them to Jesus at Mass.

Because Jesus made the biggest sacrifice of all.  He died for you and me on the cross. That is what we make present today in every Mass.

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