Saturday, May 4, 2013


The Rogation Days take their name from the Latin word "rogare" which means "to ask."

There are two kinds of Rogation Days; the Major Rogation is a one-day event, April 25.

But then there are the Minor Rogations, which are the three days prior to Ascension Thursday.  The Ascension of Jesus to heaven gave the Apostles, and to the Church, this sad feeling that we would not see the physical face of the Lord anymore.  But the Lord assures His Apostles, and us, that He is just a prayer away.  "Ask," the Lord says, "and you will receive."

So the Rogation Days were days of asking the Lord for a good harvest or the protection of crops.  There would be a procession through the fields, with the priest blessing them.  The Litany of the Saints was chanted, so Rogation Days were also called the Litanies; Major Litanies (April 25) and the Minor Litanies (before Ascension).

On Tuesday, May 7, at 630pm, we will have the Minor Litanies at the Friary then Holy Mass.  I will bless the four corners of the Friary property as we process.

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