Monday, December 22, 2014


Before Mass

Rorate Mass this year was celebrated today at 545AM with Rosary preceding Mass. People were at the Friary chapel since a little after 5AM.

The chapel was dark except for the abundant candles on the altar and to the sides of it. Just as Our Lord was born as the Light in this darkened world.

Elevation of the Chalice

The Mass is in honor the Blessed Mother, without whom there is no Incarnation or Christmas.

"Domine non sum dignus."

As I turned around to show the Host to the people at the Domine non sum dignus, I noticed that the sun was just coming out over the hills to the east. The people were just about to receive their Lord, the Light of our souls, just as the planetary sun was beginning to shine.

After Mass, with the sun shedding its first rays of light on the island

The faithful at the end of Mass

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