Sunday, December 28, 2014


The video is here below:

I cannot tell you when the last Solemn High Mass, with deacon and subdeacon, was celebrated on Guam. It was definitely in the 1960s, as the Novus Ordo came into effect in early 1970. But, even before that, the traditional Mass was being modified little by little, and many traditional observances fell to the wayside, and I suspect the Solemn High Mass was one of them.

So this Solemn High Mass celebrated in 2012 by Canon Jean Marie Moreau (Institute of Christ the King), with Fr Eric Forbes, OFM Cap as deacon and Mr. Joseph Capulong as subdeacon, was the first on Guam in 42 years or more.

We have not had another Solemn High Mass since then, but it is on our list of hoped-for Masses.

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